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Comprehensive Lifecycle Planning and Management System for Addressing Water Issues Associated with Shale Gas Development in New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia

ALL Consulting is developing a modeling system to allow operators and regulators to plan all aspects of water management activities associated with shale gas development in the target project area of New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia (including water supply, transport, storage, use, recycling, and disposal).  This system can be used for planning, managing, forecasting, permit tracking, and compliance monitoring.

Project benefits include:
• Facilitate planning and evaluation by operators and regulatory agencies (Water Management Planning)
• Perform “What If” scenario analyses
• Incorporate/track regulatory requirements of the appropriate state and regional agencies
• Facilitate permit applications, reporting and compliance management

Funded through a grant from (DE-FE0000797):
Visit DOE's Project page-Click Here.

With additional support and funding through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).  Visit their website at