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Internet-Based, GIS Catalog of Non-Traditional Sources of Cooling Water for Use at America’s Coal-Fired Power Plants
ALL Consulting developed a nation-wide catalog of the non-traditional water sources relative to power plants. The catalog identifies the location and the nameplate capacity for existing coal-fired power plants in the lower 48 states.  A future release of the system will allow for analysis of potential power plant sites.  The catalog also identifies, using publicly available data, the location, volume, and quality of the various alternate water sources near those plants across the nation. The application is a Geographic Information System (GIS)- based system and available over the internet. By clicking a location on a map, a user is able to view available data on the various potential water sources, the quality of the water, and the volumes available within 15 miles of the selected power plant. This catalog allows users to be aware of the options available to supplement or replace a plant's current cooling water supply on a short-term or long-term basis.

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